Presentation guidelines

Poster presentations

The maximum size allowed for each poster is 80 cm wide and 120 cm high.
Poster position: vertical.
Each poster will be attached to the boards with Blu-tack which will be provided free of charge. Push pins are not allowed.

Oral presentations

Length of the oral presentations will be 12 minutes with 3 minutes discussion, 15 minutes altogether.

If using a PowerPoint or Adobe PDF presentation, presenters will be required to submit it on a pendrive or CD/DVD, and upload it onto session room’s computer.
Presentation computers are running Windows 7 with PowerPoint 2003, ppt and pptx accepted.
Prezi is also accepted. A technician will help the presenters in each session room. Please, contact the technician at least one hour before the start of the session.

If combining video files with PowerPoint, please make sure to check it during a coffee or lunch break prior to your session.

Presenters also have a possibility to send their PowerPoint or Adobe PDF presentations by e-mail to: info @ altagra . hu before 21 August 2013.
In this case, the presentation will be uploaded to the session room’s computer.

Important note for Apple Mac users

In order to use Mac presentations on a PC compatible computer please note that you need to prepare it according to the instructions below:
– Use a common font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. (special fonts might be changed to a default font on a PowerPoint based PC).
– Insert pictures as JPG files (and not TIF, PNG or PICT – these images will not be visible on a PowerPoint based PC ).
– Use a common movie format, such as AVI, MPG and WMV (MOV files from QuickTime will not be visible on a PowerPoint based PC).
You may use your own Macintosh laptop computer as a back-up. In such a case please make sure to provide a Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter (Dongle).

The conference is not offering traditional overhead and slide projectors as a part of the standard room setup.

Please, contact the technical staff if you have additional requests.